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Reflexology involves using massage-like movements and the application of firm pressure on specific points on the soles of the feet. This can provide healing to every gland, organ and system as they relate to your whole body.


The feet are first cleansed with witch hazel, followed by the application of a light, unscented oil to facilitate the work. While there may be some tenderness in relevant areas specific to you, the intention is to release any tension or blockages as gently as possible while still maintaining a state of relaxation.


Many benefits may be felt during a Reiki session, while other effects may be noticed for days following treatment.


Spa Reflexology Session

You will be welcomed into your session with spa melodies, an herbal foot soak and a choice of herbal tea. When ready, you will be well supported into transitioning into a comfortable position where you will be offered a castor oil pack. Warm castor oil and a hot water bottle will be placed over your womb or your liver for healing, detoxification, and improved circulation. Once comfortable, an eye pillow, (choice of lavender scented or unscented flax seed) will be placed over your eyes and you will drift into bliss within the most well supported, nourishing reflexology and lower leg massage for your whole being.

Please set aside an hour and 15 minutes


Reflexology prices:

All prices are subject to HST


Reflexology ...$85/hour

Bliss combo...$120/1.5hrs

(Full reflexology session with 30 minutes of Reiki)

Spa Reflexology session...$115/1.25hrs

Multi session deal...$300 for a 4 pack of Reflexology sessions

4 packs are perfect for a month of weekly dedication to yourself, or as a collective gift for someone who may be going through a tender transitional time. (For example - fertility, the final month of pregnancy, the first month of postpartum, an unexpected end of pregnancy, etc)



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