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 Reiki is an energetic healing modality that originated in Japan. It can be a wonderful way of clearing out what is no longer serving you, soothing your nervous system, surrendering and releasing fear and uncertainties, and supporting your body, mind and spirit.


After a Reiki treatment, you  may have an overall sensation of feeling "lighter." Some feel a deep sensation of peace and relaxation, along with a feeling of clarity to some questions you have been indecisive about in your life. It is perfectly normal to feel a little emotional or drained after a treatment. Remember that healing is a process- be gentle with yourself. 


Hands-on Reiki is within the RMT's scope of practice, however, distance healing is not and a receipt for benefits can not be provided for distance sessions.  Reiki sessions are generally 60 minutes as stand-alone treatments or can be added to any length of massage therapy treatment.











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