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Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Treatment includes soft tissue 

manipulation with many benefits, some of which include

Promotion of circulation

Reduce stress and anxiety

Relieve acute and chronic pain

Reduce muscle tension

Improve quality of sleep

Stimulate movement of lymphatic fluid

Boosts immune function

Improve joint function

Speed the healing of soft tissue injuries

Increase relaxation

Aid in general health and wellbeing

And many more!


Massage Therapy Treatment Prices*:


30 minutes - $68

45 minutes - $91

60 minutes - $110

75 minutes - $ 134

90 minutes - $155


Add Reiki to any Massage Therapy treatment! This will still be covered under your benefits as Massage Therapy!

Please add note about adding Reiki when booking.

*Prices include HST. All prices are subject to change.*


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