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Kids benefit from Massage too!

Stress isn't just something adults experience. Children have big feelings too. In a time where closeness and human touch is being discouraged, Massage Therapy is a great way to reintroduce positive human connection into your child's life.

We often think of stress pertaining to adults, but very young children also experience stress and anxiety. Massage Therapy can help increase dopamine (feel good hormone), and decrease cortisol (stress hormone) to help decrease stress and anxiety levels. Have you ever tried to keep up with your kid all day? (LOL) Children are very active little beings and their muscles and joints get tired and sore as well. Massage therapy can reduce muscle tension, pain/soreness, increase range of motion, help maintain tissue and joint health to prevent injury. Taking the time for self-care for your children may improve their quality of sleep, energy levels and increase concentration. Teaching children about managing stress and body awareness when they are young may help them grow into well-rounded teenagers and young adults. At Naturally Wild, we have Massage Therapy treatments available for kids and teens. For younger children, we can play a relaxing story time story they can listen to, or play a children's guided meditation to help them relax! If you're unsure how comfortable your little one will be, we suggest starting with a 30 minute treatment, where you are more than welcome to be in the treatment room with them. Or bring a book, get cozy and stay in the waiting area until the session is over. Your child has the right and option to stop the treatment at anytime they feel fit. We will check in with your child throughout the treatment to check in on comfort level, and make them aware that they are "the boss" and can stop treatment at any time! If you have massage therapy benefits, your children will likely also be covered and be reimbursed for treatment cost. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at

or text/call

Stacy: 705-205-9411

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